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Second day of action called to show migrants’ contribution to UK

Posted: September 4, 2017 at 1:35 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Callout follows first One Day Without Us event in February and aims to counter increasing xenophobia since Brexit vote

A national call to action for all migrants to come out on to the streets and demonstrate their contribution to British society will be launched on Monday.

The callout has been organised by One Day Without Us (1DWU), an organisation set up to counter increasingly racist and xenophobic attitudes towards migrants following the Brexit vote.

A Migrants’ Rights Networkreport due to be published in mid-September reveals that its iStreetWatch project, a tool for members of the public to report hate crimes, indicates that most xenophobic abuse in the UK is verbal and takes place in public.

Of 578 incidents reported through iStreetWatch in the past year, 68%were verbal, 9% were verbal and physical, and 4% were verbal with a threat or intimidation. Forty-five per cent of the abuse reported took place in streets or parks, 16% on public transport and 13% in shops.

Following the first 1DWU event n February, Monday’s call to action is for people to get involved in a second on 17 February 2018 under the slogan “Proud to be a migrant. Proud to stand with migrants”.

The lead organiser, Matt Carr, said the trigger for the event was profound concern about worsening attitudes to migrants in the UK.

“Since Brexit we have seen levels of xenophobia and racism that have been increasingly legitimised. We want to make a bold and powerful statement and give migrants an opportunity to express themselves,” he said.

The aim is to emphasise the variety of work migrants undertaken in the UK, from NHS doctors to those who staff the hospitality sector.

Tens of thousands of migrants and their supporters, NGOs, universities, and trade unions participated in more than 160 different events across the country in February.

Carr said:“Migrants should not be blamed for problems they haven’t caused, and they should not be made to feel ashamed or afraid because of who they are or where they come from.

“The UK has always been a country of migration and we think that is something to be celebrated and welcomed. Hateful and negative rhetoric on immigration shrinks us as a country.

“On 17 February 2018, we want everyone to come out onto the streets for a celebration that brings the whole of the UK together. Whether you’re a migrant, British, black, white, big or small, we should all celebrate migration for how it has enriched our lives.” 



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