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Bill Gates goes Android, still won’t use an iPhone

Posted: September 26, 2017 at 4:55 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

They were rivals. They were friends.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did much to define what the tech industry is today.

Does that mean, though, that the Microsoft co-founder has softened a touch and started using an iPhone in the late Apple co-founder’s honor?

After all, Windows Phones are tottering toward irrelevance. Wouldn’t iPhone be a fine choice? It seems not.

In an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Sunday, Gates revealed that he uses Windows-based PCs and has recently switched (presumably from a Windows Phone) to an Android phone.

But no, he hasn’t entirely become a Google convert because his new phone has “a lot of Microsoft software.”

This is understandable. Microsoft sells the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ in its stores.

Wallace, though, is a wily questioner. He surely realizes that some people have two phones. Perhaps Gates has an iPhone too, just to keep up with what the competition is doing.

“So, no iPhone?” Wallace asked.

“No, no iPhone,” Gates insisted.

This presents a slight contrast to current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who seems to have a more open view of Apple. Indeed, he freely demonstrated Microsoft’s Outlook email system with the help of an iPhone a couple of years ago.

Moreover, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has no qualms about crossing over. He has long explained that he buys and uses Android phones, as well as iPhones, and enjoys them. He even once suggested that Apple should have partnered with Google.

Then again, the Gates family has always been staunch about not using products from the company that showed Microsoft just how much it had missed out on in mobile.

Gates’ wife Melinda long ago insisted that there were no Apple products at all in the Gates household.

In 2013, Bill Gates insisted that his kids had never even asked for Apple products. And in 2015, Melinda Gates explained that not even the Apple Watch moved the Gates family toward Apple.

I will take a liberal guess and suggest that iPhone X won’t sway them either.



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